Vietnam - "Long Life" Lacquer Coaster Box Set

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Treasures from Vietnam
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For centuries, Vietnamese people have considered the longevity symbol as a sign that promotes long life before and even after death. It is also believed to protect people from sudden accidents and create energy that leads to good health

In the city of Hue, Vietnam, this symbol was popular with Emperors of the Imperial Dynasty as they believed in addition to their own long life, it also ensured the well being of their descendants and longevity of the dynasty when they left for the eternal next world. I saw the symbol on tombs, windows, floors, fabrics, jewelry, ceramics, clothing and anything else you can think of!

 As a traditional fine art which goes back many years in Vietnam though no one knows for sure how many, Vietnamese lacquerware was handed down from generation to generation as a family secret until the first half of the 20th century when the renovation in the field led by excellent artists of Indochina Fine Arts school in Hanoi made the occupation popular not only in Vietnam but also all over the world.

Since then, the legend of Vietnamese lacquer ware has really come true. Many generations of lacquer artists have gradually enhanced the quality of Vietnamese lacquer ware in the last seventy years; discovering new materials to add to the palette of colored lacquers, the method of mixing various colors, the process of creating the lacquer ware and particularly the technique of rubbing the lacquer ware in water. Vietnamese lacquer art, however, is an extremely time - consuming and labor - intensive work; Vietnamese lacquer ware is the hard work of many people: Lacquer artists, lacquer painters, and many workers who shed their sweat to the fullest spending over 100 days through 20 stages to create the Vietnamese lacquer ware. As a result, every Vietnamese lacquer ware bears the feelings of its creator: flexibility, complexity and variety. The lacquer ware seems to carry something now appears now disappears passionately, ardently and magically. Many artists always say that the first time they really saw the lacquer, it was its blackness that impressed them. It is the black of the universe holding all things and having incredible depth to it.

  •  Box Dimensions - 5" Square x 2" High
  • Coaster Dimensions (6 Included) 4" Square
  • Limited Collectors Edition
  • Selected specifically for the  Exclusively Crystal Collection.  Only available while supplies last.