China - Yixing Marble Teapot and Chinese Tea Selection

China - Yixing Marble Teapot and Chinese Tea Selection

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Treasures from China
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 Yixing teapots, unique for their quaint charm and special tea brewing qualities, have a rich and fascinating history. They are renowned as “the best vessel for brewing” by Chinese tea aficionados and eagerly sought after by collectors of fine ceramic art. Yixing, located on Lake Taihu about 100 miles west of Shanghai, has long been known as “the pottery capital of China”. It was here, during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D.), that the world’s first teapots were made. Distinctive red earthenware teapots from Yixing came to Europe with the first tea shipments, and served as the direct ancestor for all teapots that followed!

Colors are all natural. These pots are unglazed, lead/cadmium safe, and passed by USFDA standards. With continued use, a rich patina develops which enhances the taste, color and fragrance of fine tea. A personal “chop” mark on each piece is the individual artisan’s seal of skill and care. In the last century, Yixing teapots have won gold medals at numerous international expositions.

A special collection of (60) Chinese Origin tea bags, in assorted flavors are included; Organic Green Tea, Natural Black Tea & Jasmine Tea

This teapot design and tea selection have been specially curated for the Exclusively Crystal Collection.
  • Dimensions - 6 5/8" w x 3 7/8" h