Colombia - Tear Drop Glass Teal Earrings

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Treasures from Colombia
Crystal Cruises Port Stops - Cartagena & Santa Marta

Adventurists and travelers - husband and wife team of Bryce and Paola Tippner. He was born and raised in Oregon and Paola grew up in Bogota, Colombia. They have created a beautiful collection of glass wearable treasures, simply called "Perfecto!" They set up production in a small town in Columbia, where they have immersed themselves and their young family in South American Culture.  Their work is sold in hundreds of galleries, museum shops and small upscale boutiques worldwide.

The jewelry is made using one of the strongest and highest quality types of glass: Borosilicate. Each piece is hand-made, using a stationary torch under the Medellin sun, outdoors at their home-studio. Then, using a technique that they personally developed, color is applied to each piece in a way that allows light to enter from the front and when movement is applied, the effect known as refraction occurs. It is this amazing dance between light and color.

This Crystal teal colorway design has been specially curated for the Exclusively Crystal Collection.

  • Dimensions -0.25 x 0.5 inch earrings
  • Sterling Silver ear wires
  • Earrings also shown with coordinated necklace