Japan - Mizu Water Soy Candle

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Treasures from Japan
Crystal Cruises Port Stops - Tokyo, Hakodate, Ishigaki, Okinawa, Nagasaki, Osaka

Dava Muramatsu, chief designer for Eastern Accent Company in Tokyo, Japan, has created the 5 elements soy candle collection.  This specific soy candle entitled "MISU/WATER" is produced from Cucumber, Watercress & Mint. 

Muramatsu's inspiration; "Water is the element of love and emotions because it is as fluid as our feelings.  It influences sleep and dreaming, as we sink down into the swirling depths of the subconscious to discover our deepest desires.  Water is an element of purification & healing."

"Feel" the elements of purification and healing in each of Crystal's unique Spas aboard each ship. 

This Misu soy candle has been specially curated for the Exclusively Crystal Collection.

  • Dimensions - 3" diameter