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Nicaragua - Shell Bowl

Nicaragua - Shell Bowl

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Treasures from Nicaragua
Crystal Cruises Port Stop - San Juan de Sur

Some of the world's most distinctive pottery is created in San Juan de Oriente, a small village nestled among volcano, alongside a picturesque lagoon.   Here you are likely to see ox carts delivering supplies to workshops where artists carry on centuries of tradition, drawing inspiration from indigenous and nature motifs as well as creating their own contemporary and innovative designs. These unique Sea Horse pots are made exclusively for Crystal.

Artisans "throw" pots using a kick wheel.  Afterward they are painted, then meticulously carved, sgraffito style.  Their carving tools are typically re-purposed from the spokes of bicycle wheels.  Once the decorative incisions are completed, the pot is baked in a wood-burning kiln, where it is finally removed and polished.  The final product is a truly beautiful object made all the more special by the many hours of labor and love from the hands of a gifted artisan.

Each unique pot is hand painted - and is one-of-a-kind.

  • Dimensions - 9" Diameter x 3" High
  • Signed by Nicaraguan Artist
  • An original Exclusively Crystal design